There is nothing quite like being under the spin of thousands of snow geese or seeing them flip as they race to the head of the spread. For anyone that has experienced it, they’ll never forget it. If you haven’t, there’s no better time than now for a chance to experience it. Triple digit shoots can happen, but so can zeros. We do our best to prevent the subpar days, but it’s the nature of snow goose hunting. An average day of Illinois snow goose hunting usually ends somewhere in the teens or twenties. On those days when the snow geese are being tough, we’re not afraid to switch things up in an attempt to get them to cooperate. We can’t make them decoy, but we will definitely try our best.

We have now expanded our setup to a second spread. Both are in prime locations near one of the largest snow goose roosts in the state of Illinois which is great for both when the migration is slow, but also for those warm south wind days that are prime for snow geese to head north. Many snow goose outfitters run traffic spreads or chase feeds. Our setup is different. We run large spreads of full bodies in known flight corridors. These spreads are setup around our 40 foot underground containers which offer excellent hides and plenty of space to move around. Also in our containers are LP stovetops and plenty of heaters for your convenience. For more information on our Illinois snow goose hunts visit our FAQ page.

Interested in booking an Illinois snow goose hunt? Contact Willow Creek Waterfowl today to reserve your hunt.

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