Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know if you’re coming to join us for some Illinois snow goose hunting.

What To Expect

  • Sean will be in contact with you 2-3 days before your hunt with meeting places and times for the morning of your hunt. Since we have 2 pits this year, we will  have 2 separate meeting locations for each group to eliminate any confusion
  • Willow Creek Waterfowl will provide all decoys, electronic callers,dogs (unless otherwise arranged),and any other equipment required in the field.
  • Stove tops with LP hookup available in the pits for those who wish to use them
  • Heaters available in the pits to keep temps moderate on the frigid days
  • ATV’s will be present to haul gear to the pits
  • Weather is not always cooperative, in the case of a wet field, be prepared to walk 300-500 yards to the pit. If it is dry, we will be able to drive a truck to the spread
  • Safety procedures will be gone over once everyone has gotten into the pit, and BEFORE any guns are loaded (please understand we are stern on the rules for YOUR safety)
  • Apparel will be available to purchase (sweatshirts and hats) if you wish
  • If you or your group wishes to leave early, there are no times set in which you have to stay until, but we ask that you be courteous to other hunters not in your group
  • Typically, Willow Creek Waterfowl ends snow goose hunts at 4:00pm

Interested in booking a hunt? Contact Willow Creek Waterfowl today to reserve your hunt.

What To Bring

  • Shotgun- if you intend to remove your plug for your snow goose hunt (we encourage you to), please do so before getting to the field
  • Extension tube (not required, but highly encouraged)
  • Non-toxic shotgun shells required. Your guides will be shooting 3 inch Hevi-Steel #1’s. However, any non-toxic shot 2’s to BBB’s are acceptable
  • Food and drinks for the day (absolutely NO alcohol in the pit), stovetops will be available for you to cook in the pit
  • Rain gear- in case mother nature is not on our side that day
  • Waterproof boots- most people wear knee boots
  • We suggest dressing in layers, February and March have been known to have some chilly mornings
  • White clothing is not required, but is encouraged (a white hat if anything)


  •   Hunting license: required

            o Resident- $12.50

            o Non-resident-$35.75 (5-day); $57.75 (year)

  •   State duck stamp: required – $15.50
  •   Federal duck stamp: not required

Illinois hunting licenses can be purchased at Walmart in Carlyle, IL or online at


Hazlet Cottages – Eldon Hazlet State Park
20750 Hazlet Park Rd.
Carlyle, IL 62231
(618) 594-8702

Mariner’s Village
1 Resort Dr.
Carlyle, IL 62231


Bretz Wildlife – Upper scale dining
15468 State Route 127
Carlyle, IL 62231
(618) 594-8830

Swamp Tales – Cajun
7901 State Route 127
Carlyle, IL 62231
(618) 594-2885

The Fish House – Seafood
13551 Dam East Access Area
Carlyle, IL 62231

The LuBar and Bistro – Pizza
911 Fairfax Street
Carlyle, IL 62231